lördag 28 april 2012

This is a revolver thats fully automatic, made by some lunatic :D If you follow this blog, youll see some blueprints on howto make these kind of guns!

fredag 27 april 2012

How to make guns

I promised you guys a few tutorials and howto build your own home made guns from scratch check these out!

If your not able to download from these sites use this username, and this password
username: random4570
password: random4570

First off we got a tutorial on  how to make a 9mm submachine gun

read or download the tutorial here 9mm machine gun

here is a picture of what its gonna look like when its completed.

We have another tutorial on howto make a machine gun that spits .32/.380 cals
and you can find that tutorial here .32 machine gun tutorial

Here is a picture of what its gonna look like when its done

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. I have not tried to make any of these guns, also I'm not responsible if you make these guns and get hurt or get in trouble.
When it come to home made guns, i really think that the .22cal's looks the coolest i dont know why.

torsdag 26 april 2012

Home made guns!

9mm gun check it out guys, these small beasts are capable of killing grown ass men!

tisdag 24 april 2012


i found this video pretty intressting and intensive, have anyone of you guys playd paintball before? well this looks more serious and intense! check it out! i just wanted to share it with yall!

watch airsoft war! its epic

Homemade guns

Homemade guns at its finest. Zip guns, homemade shotguns, funny looking guns shooting .22 cal rounds, very nice craftmanship and alot of videos and picture thats what youll get here!!!

I will post new pictures and videos everyday so stay tuned!
Check out our video on youtube!

or visit here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaUaEOSmDT0
or klick here
Found this awesome home made shutgun made of a stampler!

3 good looking guns thats been homemade.

This gun that was used among Viet congs troops.

måndag 23 april 2012

Found a video on some dude with a pen (zip gun) with a suppressor lol! watch this

A mini gun
A home made Trex rifle, looks sweet! This is how a home made gun should look like!

And guess what i found a video on it aswell, its a BEEEEEASTTTTT!

Swedish home made guns

A russian man showing off his nice MP 654 .22lr

söndag 22 april 2012

Some kid made a very nice zip gun, very easy and nice constructed i bet everyone is able to do one like this one, then maybe even modify it to become a beast its a good start to be honest.

This guy shows how he makes his Automatic Zip gun.

A very easy and simple 1-shot shotgun

Home made gun is being tested for shooting. a .22 cal pistol

A big collection of fire arms to my humble readers, ive gathered these pictures from various news articles, forensic publications and in many cases creative individuals wishing to display their contraptions for the world to see. Enjoy. 

Some SMGs and granade launchers thats been crafted by hand.

Luty 9mm MK1

Resistance SMG copies


SMGs from Brazil

SMGs and Granade Launcher

Here are some Swedish home crafted guns. Very nice they even made a gun out of a guitarr.

A home made folding SMG.

This looks crazy!

A home made granade launcher, haha this was awesome!

A home built 'T' SMG crafted in Brazil,

The Brazilians are crazy when it comes to making home made guns, they are very good at it.